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All professionals at Omega Orthodontics maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in orthdontics.

Heather - Orthodontic Assistant

Heather Orthodontic Assistant

I started working with Dr. Rees in August of 2015. As your Certified Dental Assistant, I help the doctor straighten teeth, put braces on, take braces off and get to make models of teeth. I also make retainers at the end of treatment.

My favorite part of the job is getting to interact with patients every day and my Omega family. I love that I can relate to patients’ experiences in braces since I also had braces not too long ago. Watching a smile come together is amazing.

Working with Dr. Rees is fun, even on our hardest most stressful days--which are few and far between. There is always something to joke about, laugh about and keep the overall mood positive. We are a family.

I have beautiful  twin daughters that are excited to start their own treatment and an amazing boyfriend. I like to cook and love watching movies. When I'm not at work I'm always with my girls and Sterling or still hanging out with my Omega family (yes, even outside of work).

DeeDee - Financial Coordinator

DeeDee Financial Coordinator

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Dr. Rees since 2008 and it has been such an experience to watch the practice grow. I can't imagine working with a more caring and fun group of women and patients! As the financial coordinator, it is my responsibility to verify your insurance benefits prior to your consultation and then assist in creating payment options/plans which work comfortably with your budget.

I am married to my best friend and we have three beautiful children. I enjoy baking, exercising, watching movies, and spending time with my family and friends.

I work from home so this allows me to still have interaction with our patients and co-workers even though I do not get to see them. The best part about working for Dr. Rees is she has always been a fun boss for which to work. She has always been understanding and kind. She’s not just your boss or your orthodontist, she’s an amazing friend!

Theresa - Professional Relations Coordinator

Theresa Professional Relations Coordinator

I communicate between Omega Orthodontics and the rest of the dental community, while supporting all marketing and advertising activities. I feel very confident promoting this practice because I have first-hand experience with Dr. Rees’ excellent care. My son had his first orthodontic consultation here, and I knew right away he was in great hands! Dr. Rees is a dynamic person, who truly loves what she does and has an amazing level of commitment. Now working with her is just a bonus! I am a native of West Texas and returned to the area to be closer to my family. Now I am enjoying life on the small family ranch and have a passion for writing.

Juliana - Treatment Coordinator

Juliana Treatment Coordinator

I joined the Omega team just in time for the big move to this wonderful new office!  As the treatment coordinator I love that I am the first person in the office to  give you an office tour, play paparazzi and get your first photos taken, and introduce you to Dr. Rees. Together we will start you on your journey to a healthy and great looking smile.  I absolutely love working here because I learn something new every day.

When I am not at Omega I am chasing two wonderful kids and two very cute dogs.  I have a full house!

Cacy - Front Office Coordinator

Cacy Front Office Coordinator

I joined this amazing team in August of 2017.  I'm not sure of the exact date because when I started here it already felt like home!  It's like a fun circus that you get to enjoy, see smiles, hear laughter, and see kids frowns turn upside down.

I LOVE my job!  I get to give smiles and joy to all patients and their families.  It's awesome and fun to be a part of so many lives to love on and brighten up their day.  It's great to have goals and my daily goal is to put smiles on faces and let patients know they are special and capable of making all their own dreams come true.

Dr. Rees and the Omega Family are a blessing!  It's great to work for someone who treats you like family.  I have won more than the lottery being a part of Omega, I have received an answered prayer.

I love to spend time with family, cooking and singing.  Being a wife has been one of my biggest joys and accomplishments.  My husband is my inspiration. Above all I love to be a ray of sunshine and remind people that life is to be lived and not to be taken for granted.  Giving hope to others is a big desire of my heart.  Music is a big part of who I am and how I get to reach others.  If you come to Omega and get blinded by my bling and sparkles then you have found me!  I'm loud and my heart is golden.  Sharing that everywhere I go is just who I am.

Melinda - Treatment Coordinator

Melinda Treatment Coordinator

I joined the Omega Team last year and love meeting our future Omega Smiles!

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